What people are already saying about Hot Jawn

This sauce is toasty and smooth, but with one hell of a kick! It doesn't grab my dish by the reigns and take over, but after that first drop, I kept finding reasons to cook food that I could put this stuff on. I have quite the hot sauce collection, but Hot Jawn is versatile and addictive enough to make me neglect some of my old standards, while tasting like absolutely no sauce I have found anywhere.

Lesley J

Sassy and Shameless heat used for all kinds of tacos or salads. Spices up any sides like sweet potatoes fries, cauliflower bites and many more. Scrumptious Heat!

Olivia N

This is the best hot sauce I’ve ever tasted. If you like a thicker sauce, but with a really nice smoky and hearty flavor, you will love this stuff. It’s just the right amount of heat, too. You’ll definitely taste the heat but it doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds.

Ryan M

They call it Hot Jawn sauce because they say it can be put on any jawn. I took that as a challenge, but after trying it with marinated eel I have to admit they’re right...

Max R

Having tried over 200 different hot sauces in my life, Including one where you had to sign a health waiver. This is a well rounded use all the time hot sauce. Great intro for folks who want heat without pain. A number 10 on my scale. Joe definitely knows!

Herbert B

I can't wait for the carbonated version of this so I can make Hot Jawn my favorite beverage, too.

Jesse A

I have at least 10 different hot sauces in my cupboard right now. When I had the Hot Jawn Sauce, I used none of them for at least two weeks. I put this stuff on everything.

Kristian A

With deep flavor that doesn’t scream at you for inviting it to dinner, this sauce enhances your favorite foods. My mac & cheese game just got stronger!

Rebecca J


Joe (Owner of Hot Jawn)